The Green Man


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It may be strung out on a forlorn crossroads to the east of Cambridge, but the owners of this roadhouse boozer have made a valiant attempt to turn it into a dining destination. The focus is on steak, steak and more steak, with the informed menu teaching you everything you need to know about the various cuts. Quality may not always live up to the £15-38 price tags, but there's no skimping on portion sizes. Brave souls can try the ‘steak challenge': 72oz of rump with all the trimmings, which comes free if you finish it. Be warned, there's a one-hour time limit and £60 charge for a doggy bag. The Green Man is popular with hungry locals who don't mind being surrounded by a menagerie of antique stuffed animals, while the large outdoor area draws a younger crowd of commuters and race-goers.

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