Party Bag gifts

Ipswich Wide

Colourful and unique items, which make great party bag gifts. Please see the pictures to see how nice these are!

A set of 4, consists of 12 items:
4 boxed magnets or pin backs (in very cute boxes) - either flower or monster
4 temporary tattoos
4 cute postcards

Set of 6 contains 18 items and a set of 10 contain 30 individual items.

Boxed flowers and monsters are hand needle-felted, postcards are glossy in cute designs and temporary tattoos are individually packaged with instructions.

Choose any number of flowers or monsters to make up the set, suiting number of boys or girls attending. I can tailer the tattoos to the number of boys or girls.

Magnets are strong; Pin backs are as you find on charity brooches and could be used on pencil cases, bags or coats!!

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