Professional Toastmaster


  • Graham Hunt

  • The complete toastmaster service including, where required, attendance at the wedding ceremony. Traditional etiquette and protocol is an important part of Graham's experience and he is able to innovate to ensure that the cli


Graham's explicit professionalism combined with his sincere and friendly presentation have long been appreciated by his clients, by hotel and catering management, and allied services. He is now regarded as being 'one of the best in the business' by them.

Graham's experience and attention to detail are brought to bear in the traditional presentation of functions, always bearing in mind the wishes and requirements of individual clients.

In addition to all the attributes of an experienced professional toastmaster, Graham would be delighted to add an exciting touch to your celebratory function. One swift stroke and the top of the Champagne bottle with the cork within it is dispatched and the Champagne poured directly into the flutes. A Sparkling moment for a special occasion and ‘the icing on the cake'.

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