Baby Dan Felix Playpen (Baby Jail)


  • 0773 828 9563


  • £40 or whatever

  • 29-Jun-2015

  • 0 months to 2 years

Like new Baby Dan Felix Wooden Playpen or what I affectionately refer to as the "Baby Jail" for sale. It has three heights for the base making it great to put little, or slightly larger, ones in. When they are tiny and you'd like to set them down but not too far down because all the bending is doing your back in, the highest setting is great. When they're older, you can use the lowest setting or take the base out and your toddler is safely, albeit temporarily, restrained from destroying more of your house.

Not sure how we survived the first child without it but it can now be yours for the bargain price of £40 (or whatever - just take it away and give me back my living room) and possibly be the source of much needed but fleeting peace in your house or at least allow you sufficient time to make a really strong drink.