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We wish to develop a sense of community and one way to achieve it is through promoting only the best that can be achieved in the field of home hygiene. Our sense of community is also what shaped our decisions to create a green initiative. Cleaning Walton is one of the very few companies to invest into green cleaning technology, to recycle on a regular basis and to operate via electronics rather than use paper.

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  • daniellestvns

    20-May-2016 Report

    Attention to the smallest details, coupled with friendly and reliable service at an affordable price has convinced me to secure weekly cleanings with this incredible company.

  • tylersmith1326125

    10-Dec-2014 Report

    There is no better peace of mind than knowing your home will be thoroughly and attentively cleaned by Cleaning Blast. I have used Cleaning Blast many times and have always received a superb cleaning job. Karmen excellently cleans my home top to bottom - from the cobwebs in the corners to the dust under the couch - every surface is cleaned and tidied.

  • regieknoels

    15-Apr-2014 Report

    Overall they did a great job. I was a little surprised they sent a team of 4 people with my house only being 2,000 square feet, but it actually worked out really well.

  • kealeewhpearce

    03-Apr-2014 Report

    The work was done quickly on a Saturday morning, and they took the time to explain to me exactly what they had done.

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