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Pro Cleaners Egham


Our workers know that every home and every office is different, and that is why work to meet your priorities in all of our professional cleaning. You can get us to take care of any sort of household chore – just let us know before we arrive, and you will be able to get an accurate estimate of how many hours you will need to book us for to make it all happen for you. We offer convenient appointment options, including weekday and Bank Holiday slots.

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  • Frichis

    23-Feb-2016 Report

    Pro Cleaners Egham did an excellent job cleaning our house after our pre-move-in painting and renovation. I look forward to their team coming in on a regular basis to maintain our refreshed home and I would recommend them to anybody.

  • Laughte

    08-Oct-2015 Report

    I hired Pro Cleaners Egham to do a spring cleaning of my house. Scope of work was well documented and expectations clear; there were no surprises at all. They were very organized, pleasant and professional.I'll definitely call them again!

  • matildahorton87

    23-Jul-2015 Report

    I could tell the extra time was put into the master bath, and the floors were sparkling (after babysitting two rowdy dogs this weekend, the floors definitely needed a clean!) One happy customer over here. Thanks again!

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