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With the help of House Clearance Ltd, you are always getting the kind of clearance which makes a massive difference. There is nothing which we cannot help move and nothing which we cannot dispose of, meaning that it is easier than ever before to make sure that you are clearing space in the best possible manner. With our help, you can free up space and get rid of unwanted items in a quick and easy manner. To find out more about the range of WC2N services which we have to offer and to get a free quote, simply give us a call on 020 3743 8654 and we can deliver the best help available. See more at www.houseclearance.co

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  • owenmatthews

    08-Jun-2016 Report

    Very efficient service and nice team!
    It was essential that my office was cleared quickly. We had been storing things in the office and we had accumulated lots of junk we needed to get rid of. We had bags of old items and furniture that needed clearing. We were going to handle it eventually, but found we needed to do it sooner rather than later. We had important clients coming up at the end of the week and we couldn't have them visiting when we had all of this rubbish around. I asked around and a colleague advised me to call House Clearance Ltd..
    This is what we did and we were assured that all the rubbish would be collected. We agreed that they would send a team the day before our clients' visit, so everything would be in order. I began to panic when they called in advance to say they'd be late due to a flat tyre, but they were only 15 min late. They showed up and removed all of the rubbish, furniture included. There weren't any hiccups and they had everything done in no time. The junk was gone and we were ready for the next day, thanks to their hard work.

  • TravisCrystal

    30-May-2016 Report

    It's a compliment to House Clearance Ltd. that I rushed to my computer to give them a review. I hired them to take care of the rubbish in my home and they did a great job. I was seeing to a loft clearance and I found that I had a lot of junk. I couldn't believe how much clutter and unwanted items I had. It would be tough to remove all of these items from my attic and safely get them outside the house so I called in some help. This firm were able to do all of the work for me, so I didn't need to do anything. They took away everything from my loft safely, with no problems. They also disposed of the goods for me. The cost I paid was a bit lower than my quote because it turned out that the load was smaller than I expected. I am really happy with the service I got. I think this is a great service.

  • pennybarton

    19-May-2016 Report

    I was thinking of disposing of my household rubbish on my own. I spent hours and hours of hard work doing it myself. Then I decided to call House Clearance Ltd. to help me. I hired them and everything went well. I was apprehensive at first, especially as I had to pay 50 pounds more than my quote but it all worked out. It turned out that the load of rubbish was larger than the one I was quoted for. Rather than sorting, bagging and boxing, carrying and disposing of my goods myself, the company did it for me. With a few experts at my disposal the job was over in an hour and I didn't have to do a thing. They did every chore and without any problem. They moved the junk safely through my home and had it all on their vans. They took things away to be disposed of so my part was over. I am very happy with this service and can't recommend them enough.

  • juliemorris

    28-Apr-2016 Report

    Last week we finished up with a huge home improvement project and the whole house was filled with building materials and debris. We managed to clean and collect the rubbish in bags and the only thing left was to call the company to pick it up. We hired House Clearance Ltd. because their rates seemed reasonable and we heard some pretty good things about them. They showed up on time, hauled and loaded all of the stuff in only 15 minutes. After they left we found three bags with rubbish that we've forgotten to mention. We called the company right away and they returned to take it. Although it was our fault, they didn't charge us extra for coming back. Amazing company!

  • BethanyMilton

    18-Apr-2016 Report

    I'm absolutely thrilled with these guys. My husband decided it was time to prep the garden for the new season so we cleared the entire thing. House Clearance Ltd. came to my house three days ago to help us remove the debris from our yard. They were very prompt and managed to load all bags and materials in only 20 minutes. The whole process went smoothly with one tiny exception. When the initial quote and the final price didn't quite line up, I was a bit baffled. It turned out that I've forgotten to mention a few things in the initial quote, so they charged me extra £30. Since they did such good job, charging a little more was not a problem. Great service!

  • ThomHard

    07-Apr-2016 Report

    I'm so happy I found these guys! Last week, my wife and I did some garden work and we needed someone to take away the yard waste. We also wanted to get rid of the old outdoor furniture. That was our first time hiring a rubbish removal company, so we didn't know how exactly it worked. We scheduled with House Clearance Ltd. online and we expected a call to discuss the details. They didn't contact us, but we thought that it was normal. Little did we know... They didn't show up on the day they were supposed to come. We called the company and it turned out that we haven't completed the online schedule process. However, they agreed to come later that day and collect our waste. That was not big of a problem, since it was Sunday and we were planning to spend the day at home. We are very grateful to these guys for coming at such a short notice. They did marvellous job!

  • SashaDenver

    25-Mar-2016 Report

    My neighbour was criticising me about the state of my garden for a long time and I finally decided to do something about it at least to shut him up. I hired a team from House Clearance Ltd. for the job and I can't say I'm disappointed. They responded immediately, took my address and preferred date and time, and that was that. They came right on the appointed time. They started dealing with all the garden waste clearance as soon as they came out and I greeted them. I would complain that they were a bit too loud in their discussions while working, but that aggravated my neighbour, so I consider it a bonus. Job very well done, I must say!

  • lewisjames

    15-Mar-2016 Report

    There was so much rubble to deal with after the construction it was not funny. I did not have the time to do this myself, so I opted for help from a clearance company. House Clearance Ltd. had pretty good deals going on for my side of London, so I went to them and booked their builders waste clearance service. A van came the next day, right on the appointed hour, and the team of two collectors started dealing with all the construction leftovers. They ended up filling four or five full bags of rubble. It seemed a little, but it made quite the difference – I could already see the results of the construction. The bags they brought were somewhat faulty and they had to redo one of them after it broke, but they were prepared and immediately took out another one from the van – this one sturdier and did the job again. Despite the little incident, they didn't waste any time and even did everything faster than expected. I'm very happy with their work and will know who to call next time.

  • MartinBanks

    02-Mar-2016 Report

    We are an accounting firm and we deal with a lot of paper and documents. All faulty ones immediately go to the rubbish bin, but we're a big firm and we accumulate a lot of paper waste – sometimes the janitor cannot handle it all alone. That's why we always have a backup – House Clearance Ltd.. First time we hired them was a month ago. We said we wanted an office waste removal job, they asked for more details about the job, I roughly described the amount of waste that awaited them and they gave me a quote that was somewhat cheap. A two-member team came for the job the next day – they were a bit late, but they called to warn us about it and from the sound of the traffic around them I could guess the reason – and immediately started working. They basically rid the entire office of waste and didn't only stick to paper. It was overall a brilliant service.

  • HelenaDoyle

    19-Feb-2016 Report

    It is always great to see your home finally cleared of all the unnecessary items. My husband and I were eager to get the house clearance and for this reason we hired Waste Removal Highbury Ltd.. They did a great job with the task of home clearance, despite the fact that they were parked some distance away from the property due to lack of parking space. Guess it took them some time to find any free space, as they arrived 10 minutes late. Still, the job was carried out without any delay and they worked hard to compensate. As a whole - great service!

  • ScottxAdams

    08-Feb-2016 Report

    I didn't believe that we had so much junk in our house until it was all taken out and stored on the floor of my garage. There were some items that none of my family even remembered, and we all agreed that some junk removal was in order. We contacted House Clearance Ltd. for the job, for we weren't able to do the job alone. Thankfully, a team arrived with adequately-sized van, which was more than enough to carry it all away. I must say that this is one of the best services I have ever hired and I am going to take advantage again in the future.

  • KatieTurner

    28-Jan-2016 Report

    I was thrilled with the efficient junk removal service I booked from House Clearance Ltd.. I had a lot of old waste and didn't have the transport to take it to the local tip! Though I knew there were limits with these areas this company were great and helpful and also advised that a lot of the junk would be reused where possible which I was happy about. The service was delivered at a time to suit me and really helped save time. Thanks!

  • JoanneSimms

    15-Jan-2016 Report

    House Clearance Ltd. were fantastic when we wanted some building materials moving after having an extension to our office. The company were out really quickly which was a huge advantage, as we wanted to reopen the business. The building rubbish was separated, loaded on to the truck and taken away. We were told it would all be recycled at varying centres. The service was done competently and for a fair cost.

  • KenWardd

    05-Jan-2016 Report

    I did some building repairs to our home but was left with piles of old wood, plaster, metal and bricks to move. A mate suggested we used House Clearance Ltd. and we did and got a first class builders waste removal service. The team turned up equipped with the right gear and truck and sorted through and loaded up. It wasn't long before it was all cleared away and on its way to be recycled at various depots. The service was such a help and the cost was good too. Use these if you need a similar service it saves so much hassle in knowing how to dispose of waste properly!

  • KevinTerryy

    09-Dec-2015 Report

    I moved house but found a lot of old rubbish left over in the garage from the old owners. I hired House Clearance Ltd. to empty the garage and take away the rubbish. The service was amazing and done really well. The staff members worked nonstop until they had completely emptied the garage of the rubbish and loaded the truck. I was impressed with the work and the price. It saved us a lot of hassle trying to get rid of the junk ourselves. Thanks very much!

  • MarkEdmondson

    26-Nov-2015 Report

    My wife had a clear out in the loft and discovered tonnes of old rubbish of all sorts. We were recommended House Clearance Ltd. to take away the waste and it was great. What a relief to leave it to the experts who had the right lifting gear, transport and knew where to take it to be treated and disposed. Great rubbish collection service, thanks.

  • ViolaMoreno

    17-Nov-2015 Report

    I was over the moon with the house clearance service we used when my parents were downsizing. They had a lot of junk that was no use and needed it moving. I hired a company who had done work for me previously called House Clearance Ltd. and they didn't let us down. The service was done efficiently and by competent workers and was a fair cost too. The house was cleared quickly and with no hassle, and save us a job thanks so much!

  • MeganRogerss

    08-Oct-2015 Report

    I was replacing some bedroom furniture and wanted rid of my old wardrobes, bedsteads and dressing table. I didn't have the means to deal with it so needed help. The furniture was in reasonable condition but old. I contacted House Clearance Ltd. as I had heard good reviews about them and they explained they worked with recycling centres and had organisations that took in this type of unwanted furniture. It was great to have it go to be used again. I would definitely suggest you use this company if you need a reputable clearance company.

  • CoryAlexander

    17-Sep-2015 Report

    I was so pleased with House Clearance Ltd. who did a terrific job when they did a house clearance for us. This company did a really efficient job and completely cleared the house of junk and rubbish we didn't want. I have used them to create space in my garage for a new car and they worked at an incredible pace!

  • JessicaEvans

    27-Aug-2015 Report

    I had some old rubbish that had been in the loft for years and decided to get rid of it. I hired a professional clearance company called House Clearance Ltd. to call and remove it. I first had to have a staff member to access the situation and give us a quote. I was pleased with the price and booked immediate. The lorry arrived prompt and the waste was soon loaded onto the truck and on its way to the recycling depot. A truly efficient service at an affordable cost!

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