Fussy Eating Support


Help! My Child Won't Eat!

Do you have a fussy eater?
Do mealtimes feel like a battle?
Does your child refuse to eat?

You are not alone..
Fussy eating is a normal developmental phase that most children go through at some stage & with the right help and support fussy eating can be easily and quickly managed.

Catherine offers a bespoke fussy eating advice service to help make your mealtimes manageable again.

This support service includes;
A mealtime observation in your home
A detailed consultation offering tailored fussy eating tips and strategies for you to put into practice
Family goal setting to allow all members of the family to get involved and set realistic targets
Follow-up telephone and e.mail contact to support you in achieving and maintaining your goals

Contact Catherine on 07907 076229 for a FREE telephone conversation. Or check out http://www.catherinelippenutrition.co.uk

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