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Juice Plus+ By Jemma


Juice PLUS+ is an easy way to add good nutrition to your diet. Juice PLUS+ Premium with fruit, vegetables and berries provides wholefood-based nutrition from 26 varieties daily, so everyone can enjoy the added nutritional benefits of taking Juice PLUS+.

Juice PLUS+ COMPLETE is a delicious shake full of vegetable protein from soya, rice and chickpeas. Great for looking after your body with all the vital amino acids (Protein building blocks). Juice PLUS+ COMPLETE can be used as a nutritional supplement,
pre-exercise energy, post-workout recovery or for weight control.

Parents can also get Juice PLUS+ Gummies FREE for children aged 3 - 21years.

Juice PLUS+ also offers great business opportunities for those looking to join a franchise or start their own business without the hassle.

For events and more info visit www.facebook.com/Juiceplusbyjemma

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  • yummymummy86666

    15-Feb-2014 Report

    I was trying to lose wait and nothing worked but then I was introduced to juice plus (from by Jemma) and the weight is slowly dropping off. Top product! X

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