Saturday Nia Dance and Movement class


Sat Am Nia,Dance and Movement class!
Get fit the FUN way!Come laugh,dance,kick,breathe and stretch with us!
Nia blends Dance arts,Martial arts and Healing arts(yoga)to create a joyful,dynamic fitness practice that transforms how people experience their body and movement. Take some well deserved time out from the kids, restore your balance and nurture yourself. A one hour class is taken bare foot and Jo will guide you through a choreographed routine that builds in energy and aerobic intensity against a backdrop of beautiful soul stirring,inspiring music. The class then slows down to finish with yoga stretches and breathing. This is a time for you to play, have fun, relax and leave with a smile on your face.Classes are incredibly friendly,totally non competative and for all shapes, sizes,fitness levels,abilities.

Sat 9.30-10.30am
Absolutely everyone welcome!
Classes run all year round.

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