Hypnotherapy - Fertility & Pregnancy Anxiety


As a Certified Hypnotic Fertility & Birthing Practitioner, I offer a holistic approach to Hypnotherapy, specialising in fertility, pregnancy and miscarriage anxiety, and Hypnobirthing.

I can help you deal with the emotional roller coaster associated with fertility and pregnancy anxiety and pregnancy loss. Researchhas shown that it is a safe therapy which can help to maximise the chances of conception and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Hypnotherapy can help you by:

Reducing the impact of emotional & physical stress
Helping you to regain a sense of control
Releasing underlying issues, blocks or worries that may be impacting on your fertility.
Encouraging communication and/or addressing any factors causing further stress between you as a couple.
Addressing any areas of guilt, grief or fear
Creating and focusing on positive outcomes, and preparation for Birth

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