Pilates 1 to 1, Buddy and Mat Classes


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We offer 1 to 1, buddy training and small group mat work classes with expert instructors in our beautiful studio environment on Mondays 11am - 2pm and Thursdays 1.30pm<br /><br />1 to 1 (60 mins - Individual &pound;60 / 2 people &pound;90 / 3 people &pound;110) -Attend on your own or bring couple of friends to a private lesson. <br /><br />Classes (60 mins - Drop In &pound;15 / Block Book x6 &pound;80) - Ideal for those new to Pilates who have had a private lesson first. With no more 12 people per class you can be assured of a friendly and personal experience every session!<br /><br />Classes are run during term times and can be block booked - typically in 6 week terms. Missed classes are rolled over to the next term. Simply phone on the day to check availability.<br /><br />Express Classes (45 mins - Drop In &pound;12 / Block Book x6 &pound;65)- Aimed at those with limited time who just want to feel energised or take a break from the house or desk!

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