Guildford Barristers Chambers

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Got a legal problem?

Employment concerns?
Divorce, children, finance or CSA issues?
Property or land dispute?
Personal injury, accidents or medical negligence?

You can now instruct barristers directly to provide legal advice or representation in court, without having to go through a solicitor, giving you control and saving you time and money.

Barristers are highly trained and experienced advocates – solicitors turn to us when their clients need representation in court or at a tribunal. But you can see us first.

Our expertise means we can give you clear advice on the strengths and weaknesses of your case at an early stage, before legal fees have had a chance to accumulate, and our charges can be significantly lower than those of a solicitor.

Contact us at Guildford Chambers for more information on what our barristers can do for you and for an estimate of charges for your case.

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