Psychotherapeutic Counselling


Are you stressed, depress or anxious? Is just getting through the day a real chore? If so please know that I have successfully helped many people with a variety of troubling issues over many years. There is a very good chance that I can help you make the changes you want too.
As a trained & accredited psychotherapist I offer my personal approach which has evolved over 30 years. I work holistically and integratively, influenced by both classical analytical psychology and also more modern approaches including NLP, CBT & EMDR. Thus my resources for facilitating change are wide and varied. These skills are underpinned by a calming and respectful relational style.
Whilst qualifications, skills and experience are important, it is well-known that the relationship which we create is fundamental for enabling change to occur. Talking over the phone for 15 minutes is a good starting point.

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