Alex Murray

County Wide

PT Boxing brings you a high intensity experience that guarantees a massive calorie burn in a short space of time!

Barbell Blitz caters for all abilities from complete beginner to advanced exerciser, helping develop great posture and great muscular shape.

Many of us suffer from being planted on our bums all day every day,whether that is at a desk or behind the wheel of a car. This creates a whole host of problems from weak core muscles to rounded shoulders and a hunched back.

I can help you correct these common problems with specific exercises and enable you to stand tall and strong!

TRX cables offer a handy in-home solution if you are limited with space and don't want to be lifting weights.

I help you throw the diet mentality out of the window and instead look to help you make small, sustainable, and permanent changes to the way you construct your daily meal plans.

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