Byfleet Dog Training Club


At Byfleet DTC we offer everyone a 5 week course on Friday evenings. We cover all aspects of dog training and new members are invited to contact us soon to secure their place as numbers will be limited. Sign up for our 5 week course held every Friday evening for an hour and teach your dog something new. All breeds and ages welcome.

Lots of information from the Kennel Club and other organisations about the new Dog Laws and our responsibilities as dog owners. Do YOU know about the new changes to the law? Is your dog microchipped and identified properly or could you be breaking law unknowingly?

All this and more information available every week from our team of experienced and professional instructors who aim to offer you support and training in a fun and enjoyable way. Remember a dog is for life, but we need to train it to become a happy and content member of the family.

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