Nutrition, Weaning, & Weight loss Expert


Mind Body Wellness uses nutrition, diet, NLP, hypnotherapy, Life coaching, therapeutic massage, reflexology, Reiki & other techniques that ensure every client's needs are met holistically to ensure the most effective outcome is achieved.
So what can I help with?
Milk Feeding
Weaning & Infant Feeding
Children's Diets & Fussy Eaters
Weight loss
Stop Smoking
Life Coaching
Relationship Problems
Depression, Anxiety & Mood
Hypnotherapy & Reflexology to prepare mum & baby
Therapeutic Massage to release tense, tired muscles
Reiki Healing to re-energise mum & help healing
& lots more...
If you have any concerns regarding becoming pregnant, having a baby, feeding, weaning, getting your body back safely & effectively or dealing with the stresses of motherhood then please get in contact as happy to help.
My NLP and Hypnotherapy website is

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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