Mini Maestros Music


  • Farnham Music and Drama

  • 78 Tilford Road, Farnham, GU9 8DW

  • 01252 727617



  • £5.99 (first session free)

  • 22-Sep-16 to 22-Sep-21

  • TIMES: MONDAYS 11:40 (2-3 yrs), 14:00 (2-3 yrs), 14:40 (3-4 yrs); THURSDAYS 9:20 (1-2 yrs), 10:00 (3-12 months), 10:40 (2-3 yrs), 14:00 (3-4 yrs); FRIDAYS 9:00 (3-12 months), 9:40 (1-2 yrs), 10:20 (2-3 yrs), 11:00 (2-3 yrs), 11:40 (3-4 yrs)

  • 3 months to 4 years

Inspire your babies, toddlers and preschoolers with HANDS ON LIVE music. Join us with your little ones so your child can try out percussion and orchestral instruments for themselves, sing along to the piano to all our original songs and learn how to express themselves through music and movement. We are passionate about teaching through seeing and hearing live music and setting children on the pathway to a lifelong love of music.

We are committed to giving each child the chance to explore music and gain the confidence to express themselves in their own individual way. It is a fantastic way to bring less confident children out of their shells, whilst also allowing those extroverts to shine. Recent research also shows that music can really help children with their reading and learning in general.

Please see our website for further classes/groups for children and adults including instrumental classes, jazz bands, choirs and orchestras.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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