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Living with Autistic Spectrum Disorder in a Non-ASD World:
Helping children and young people ā€“ Multi-disciplinary Perspectives
Tuesday 10th March 5.30pm - 9pm Or Friday 13th March 1.30pm ā€“ 5pm
Children and adolescents with ASD often struggle to cope in a world which does not make a lot of sense to them, especially the social world.It is important that those who work with children and adolescents with ASD can make sense of the experience of the young person in order to help them become more confident in managing in a non-ASD world.
Suitable for those working with ASD children/young people.
Workshop Leader
Bruce Holroyd, Clinical Psychologist
Session Leaders
George (Georgina) Iverson, Paediatric Occupational Therapist
Lynne Sowden, Speech and Language Therapist
Clare Thornton-Wood, Paediatric Dietitian
With Jane Nathan, Medical Educator, and Clinic Director.

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