Hypnobirthing Courses

County Wide

Little Stork provides group and private Hypnobirthing classes run by Jo Tridgell. Our aim is to help mothers and fathers-to-be feel relaxed, excited and positive about the birth of their baby.

Private lessons are taught in your own home, with group courses held in central Godalming.

Hypnobirthing will help you to feel relaxed and confident before and during your baby's birth.

Hypnobirthing mothers report faster and considerably less painful births, with fewer interventions than non-Hypnobirthing mothers.

Hypno-babies are usually calm, alert and feed well.

* How fear and tension are the primary causes of pain during labour
* How to release all of your fears and worries about pregnancy and birth
* How to use visualisation to speed up your labour
* Two simple breathing techniques to keep you calm and focussed
* A gentle massage technique for use during labour

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