Market Research

Borough wide

Market research company is looking for Caregivers and People who suffer with Alzheimer's Early to Mid onset patients needed for interview about medication and its side effects for pharmaceutical company. Alzheimer's suffer will need to participate for shorter period.

Carer must provide day-to-day care and help administer their Alzheimer's medication.

Tues 29 or Wed 30 January

day time - 9.30 am; 11.30 am; 2.30pm; 4.30pm

DURATION: 1 hour

INCENTIVE: £100 per couple

VENUE: YOUR HOME - London and Greater London/Suburbs – near train station

There will possibly be 3 researchers attending.

Sorry but we cannot invite you to participate if you work in healthcare, medicine, pharmaceuticals, advertising, PR, marketing, market research, media.

If interested or for further information – please email