Books for Life

Bethnal Green

Books For Life is our Christian bookshop
which stocks a good variety of Bibles,
books, cards, crafts, CDs and DVDs.

The bookshop is at our premises in Bethnal Green.
Whilst at the moment we can't take orders
online, the bookshop is open Monday – Friday,

If you can't get in to visit us and you
would like to order any resources,
please contact Richard Farrell or use
the form below. Anything we don't stock
in the shop we can order to arrive
within 2-5 working days. We can also
order in some books from secular publishers
and we stock a growing number of
second-hand novels, non-fiction and
reference books etc.

We supply many local churches with resources for bookstalls and
if you are interested in having one
for your church, please contact Richard.

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