The Kiosk

Bethnal Green

Originally a park shelter built in Bethnal Green Gardens in the 1940s, this elegant art deco style building fell into disrepair and has been abandoned for decades. Over the last year, a group of six local residents passionate about food and community have been working with the council to bring the building back to life as a kiosk selling coffee, home-made ice cream and cake.

Drinks for sale include Monmouth organic single-origin filter coffee, fresh mint tea grown in the local community garden and refreshing homemade elderflower cordial and lemonade.

To accompany our drinks, we are selling rich Montezuma chocolate brownies and Sicilian Lemon cake. For sunny days in the park customers can enjoy a range of innovative ice cream flavours – favourites include apple crumble with blackcurrant ripple, brown bread with marmalade, and walnut brittle.

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