1st Choice Cakes


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Welcome to 1st Choice Cakes to get great-tasting,
great-looking cakes for weddings, Eid, mehndi,
birthdays, anniversaries – or just for your own

Every one can now enjoy guaranteed top-quality
halal cakes for all celebrations!

We offer vanilla or chocolate sponge,
cheesecake, fruitcake, carrot cake, spice
cake, coconut cake, and more – all covered
with icing toppings of every flavour, or the
delicious richness of fresh cream and the
juicy sweetness of good fruit.

If you want a sugar-free, nut-free, egg-free,
or vegan cake, we are happy to oblige. We may
be able to handle other special requirements -
just phone or stop by the shop and ask us.
At the moment, all our cakes are vegetarian.

At 1st Choice Cakes, we guarantee that all
our cakes are 100% halal - we never use alcohol,
animal gelatine, or any other haram substance.

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