help wanted


I work in a local woman's domestic violence refuge. Families often flee with nothing but the clothes on their back and we often need clothing, buggies, toy donations etc. We simply don't have the space to store things for all sizes, ages, needs and I'm trying to find a solution to getting the items we need when we need them.
I am looking for help in co ordinating donations in the local area so we can access items when a family arrive and tailor the donation to exactly what they need. It would involve putting out requests for items on mumsnet/facebook etc, responding to donation offers and co ordinating collection.
It would be a big ask of an individual, but maybe a few people together (a book club or playgroup) would be interested in helping?
Please let me know if it something you would like to be part of.

Best Wishes,
Children and Families Worker at Hestia