Canary Wharf Meet-up

Group meet-ups in Canary Wharf are organised by Local Mumsnetter Volunteer Gioel.

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  • Gioel 20-Aug-2015 10:45 Add message | Message poster

    Good morning to all mums!!!<br />I'm still on Holiday enjoying the beach and the sunshine!!!<br /><br />What are you doing in London?<br /><br />See you in September and if you have some suggestions do not hesitate to contact me!!!<br /><br />See you soon!!!!!!!<br />Gioel<br />xxx

  • Gioel 19-Jul-2015 12:51 Add message | Message poster

    Hello lovely mums!!!<br />How are you? I hope well!<br /><br />I'm still in Italy and we are enjoying the sun and the beach... AMAZING!!!<br />We will stay here also all month of August so our next meet up will be in September but I promise you to organize something special !!!!!!!!!<br /><br />I will appreciate if you want to write to me a message just to say hello and to tell me what are you doing during this London summer time!!!!!!!<br /><br />See you soon!<br />Gioel<br />x

  • Gioel 01-Jul-2015 09:58 Add message | Message poster

    Wow! I can't believe I'm in London with this nice and hot weather!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!<br /><br />Just a quick post to wish you a nice Summer Time!!!!!!<br /><br />Gioel<br />x

  • Gioel 26-Jun-2015 08:01 Add message | Message poster

    Let's meet to the park mums!!!<br />See you laterrrrr<br /><br />Gioel<br />x

  • Gioel 22-Jun-2015 21:01 Add message | Message poster

    Dear mums,<br />See you this Friday for our meeting... I'm so curious to know WHO YOU ARE!!!<br /><br />:)<br /><br />I've got our Plane B thanks to Mrs Clare the Early Years Programme Manager in Docklands Museum! She will give us the Pocaonthas room (in the basement, the one we already used when we met the Pediatrician Silvia Pierini).<br />The time will be at 11am as agreed<br /><br />So... If the sun is shining and it's a nice day we will go to the park as agreed, but in case of bad weather we will meet at Docklands Museum. I will give you the confirmation about the venue on Friday morning at maximum 9.<br /><br />See you soon mums!<br />Gioel<br />xxx

  • Gioel 16-Jun-2015 15:10 Add message | Message poster

    &quot;TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!!!&quot;<br />That's our new meet-up title.<br />During these months we have done almost everything: we went to the Docklands Museum, we spoke with the Pediatrician Silvia Pierini, we had a free sessionof Gymboree and Baby Sensory... But everytime we speak always about our babies and never about us, so now it's our turn!!!<br /><br />We will meet on 26th June at 11 to Sir John Mcdougall (the park in Westferry Road, in case you don't know where is pls contact me and we will go together! All mums will have the possibility to introduce her self and bring to other mums something representative of her life (gadget or visit card, cakes... Everything that shows who you are, what are you doing etc etc etc). In order to be able to speak properly the maximum number of admitted mums will be 18 so pls write to me an e-mail to book your place:<br /><br />Many mums asked me to do again another short music session for babies (I'm so happy you appreciate my short session, that's just an idea of what I was doing before coming in London!) so at the end of our meeting if we will have time I will run another music session!<br /><br />It will be also a nice opportunity to say hello to all mums as in July I'll come back to Italy since the 27th!!!<br /><br />In case of rain I'm studying a B PLANE and I will let it know soon.<br /><br />Have a nice day<br />Gioel<br />xxx

  • Gioel 15-Jun-2015 20:53 Add message | Message poster

    Welcome to aikochloe123 that joined our group, we are a very big group of mums, amazing!!!

  • Gioel 09-Jun-2015 21:11 Add message | Message poster

    Mums!!!!!!!!!<br />I'm planning the next meet-up in June... I'm planning to do it on 26th June in another park (I LOVE TO STAY OUTSIDE) but this time the meeting will speaks about us... The title will be TELL US WHO YOU ARE!!!<br />All mums are invited to introduce them selfe and to take something representative to show or give to other mums (visit cards... Gifts... Cakes... Everything is representing you, your job, your life!!!!!!)<br /><br />Do you like my idea??? May I go further and set the next meet up??????<br /><br />Let me know,<br />Good night<br />Gioel<br />xxx

  • Gioel 04-Jun-2015 20:28 Add message | Message poster

    Wowowowowowowowowoowowowowowwww!!!<br /><br />We had a great time today!!! The weather was perfect and I really loved to stay with all of you, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL WONDERFULL MUMS THAT CAME TODAY AND TO ALL OUR BEAUTIFULL BABIES, IT WAS AMAZING!!!<br /><br />Thanks for all messages received today after the meeting! It wouldn't be the same without you, we are a great group of mums!!!!!<br /><br />Let me thinking now on what to do during our next meet-up!!!<br /><br />Good night everybody<br />Gioel<br />x

  • Gioel 03-Jun-2015 08:17 Add message | Message poster

    Hi !!!<br />Finally the sunshine!<br />See you all tomorrow at 11am to South Q DLR station: do not forget to take with you the marakas!!!!!!!!!!!!<br /><br />I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<br /><br />Have a nice day<br />Gioel<br />X