Free half term events for families

Canary Wharf

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Discover monsters and mystery in London's <br />past through fantastical FREE family activities.<br /><br />Monster pottery<br />Sat 26 &amp; Sun 27 Oct, 12.30-2pm &amp; 2.30-4pm, 5-11 years old<br /><br />Beowulf and Grendel<br />Sat 26 &amp; Sun 27 Oct, 1-1.30pm, 2-2.30pm &amp; 3-3.30pm, 5-11 years old<br /><br />Monster attack!<br />Mon 28 Oct, 11.30am &ndash; 1.30pm &amp; 2-4pm,5-11 years old<br /><br />Fantastical monsters*<br />Mon 28 Oct, 12.30-1.15pm, 2-2.45pm &amp; 3.30-4.15pm, 7-11 years old<br /><br />Museum monsters<br />Tue 29 Oct, 11am &ndash; 1pm, 5-11 years old<br /><br />City dragons<br />Tue 29 &amp; Wed 30 Oct, 12.30-2pm &amp; 2.30-4pm, 5-11 years old<br /><br />Museum monsters!*<br />Wed 30 Oct, 11am &ndash; 12pm &amp; 1.30-2.30pm, 1-5 years old<br /><br />Penny dreadfuls<br />Wed 30 &amp; Thu 31 Oct, 1-1.30pm, 2-2.30pm &amp; 3-3.30pm,5-11 years old<br /><br />Hybrid monsters<br />Thu 31 Oct &amp; Sun 3 Nov, 12.30-2pm &amp; 2.30-4pm, <br />5-11 years old<br /><br />Monster alive!<br />Fri 1 Nov, 12-4pm,5-11 years old<br /><br />Grrh<br />Fri 1 &amp; Sat 2 Nov, 12.30-2pm &amp; 2.30-4pm,5-11 years old

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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