My Nursery


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My Nursery began in 2002. In March 2008,
we established a base in the heart of
London's Docklands and are committed to
facilitate the needs of the parents within
and beyond. My Nursery is set up for parents
and run by dedicated proprietors who were once city working parents.

We believe nursery life should be an extension
of the family home. Our nursery is led by
family values. My Nursery is the solution
for all parents. Whether you are working
parents juggling childcare and a career or
just looking for a nursery that enhances your
child's learning and development. .

Our experiences have turned My Nursery into
a real labour of love. We attend to all our
children's needs from care and education,
to play and nutrition.

My Nursery premises are radiant and exquisite
provisions with warm and welcoming staff.

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