Our Family Photo

Borough outskirts

The idea for Our Family Photo came from <br />friends, who frequently requested Andy <br />to take photos of their family as they <br />loved the family photos that cover our <br />walls at home. <br /><br />We enjoyed running the photo studio so much, <br />we thought it would be fun to share this <br />opportunity with friends-of-friends and <br />local families.<br /><br />Andy Aitchison is an award-winning documentary photographer, with 19 years of experience. <br />His recent subjects have included Nelson Mandela, <br />Prince Charles and David Attenborough. <br />He works with various charities, such as <br />Oxfam, UNICEF, Action Aid and Ashden. <br />His work has taken him across Africa and India. <br /><br />Sarah manages Our Family Photo and also <br />assists Andy on the photo shoots by <br />entertaining and looking after everyone <br />to ensure we get happy, relaxed smiles <br />for the photos.

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