Summer holidays in Tower Hamlets

12-Jun-15 to 12-Jun-20

From 20th July to 21st August. Five weeks full of outdoor games and crafts related with Art History. A summer camp to get to know famous artists and to try yourself various techni...

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CowFest Spitalfields
9-Aug-15 to 4-Jan-17
disabled access

Calling all cowboys & cowgirls to join us for this unique moosic festival down on the farm. Enjoy acoustic performances from udderly fantastic bands and help our foster dairy...

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Design Futures Summer Academy Brady Arts and Community Centre Whitechapel
8-Jul-16 to 8-Jul-21
disabled access

Summer Art and Design Academy - Design Futures programme. 1st – 20th August 2016 ‘A' Team Arts in partnership with the Outreach Team at Central Saint Martin's UAL are pleased to...

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Bus King Theatre Routemaster Bus, Spitalfields Market Aldgate East
23-Jul-16 to 7-Aug-16

PROFESSOR PRICKLE IN A PICKLE! A comic tale of experimental excitement and woe! Acacophonyof chemistry! A weird and wonderful world celebrating robots, mean machines and the the...

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Energy Kidz Holiday Club St Luke's Primary School Isle of Dogs
25-Jul-16 to 26-Aug-16

Our Ofsted registered holiday clubs offer your child a fun filled, action packed school holiday with exciting games and activities, delivered in a safe and supervised environment....

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Snot, Sick and Scabs Centre of the Cell Whitechapel
26-Jul-16 to 16-Aug-16

If you have ever wondered what snot, sick or scabs are made of, why cheesy feet smell so bad or how your body fights off microscopic monsters when they manage to invade your body,...

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Muscling In Centre of the Cell Whitechapel
28-Jul-16 to 22-Aug-16

Explore the wonders of your magnificent muscles, brilliant bones and limber ligaments! Discover how our bodies turn fuel into motion, what it takes to swing a bat and how to make...

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Sensational Centre of the Cell Whitechapel
29-Jul-16 to 26-Aug-16

Sensational is all about the weird and wonderful world of the senses, and more interestingly, how they can sometimes be tricked. It is an interactive show packed with tasty facts...

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In a Heartbeat Centre of the Cell Whitechapel
1-Aug-16 to 19-Aug-16

A fun and interactive show all about the human heart, blood and circulation. It looks at what the heart does and what you can do to keep it healthy. What is your heart rate and...

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Queen Mary Summer Sports Camp Queen Mary Students Union Mile End
1-Aug-16 to 2-Sep-16

QMSU Holiday Camps offer a fun range of sports including football, netball, rounders, basketball and many more! Participants will learn skills in the morning through games and...

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Circus Summer School National Centre for Circus Arts Spitalfields
1-Aug-16 to 5-Aug-16

Try circus this summer and enjoy learning the basics at the National Centre for Circus Arts. Learn a range of circus skills including silks, trapeze, unicycle, acrobatics and...

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Teethtastic Centre of the Cell Whitechapel
3-Aug-16 to 24-Aug-16

Get your teeth stuck into our tantalising show all about teeth. Whether you're a dentist's dream, or you don't know your incisors from your canines, in this show you'll discover...

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Gut Feeling Centre of the Cell Whitechapel
4-Aug-16 to 18-Aug-16

Let us take you on the weird and wonderful journey of one boy's breakfast as it gets chomped and chewed in the mouth, pushed through the oesophagus, churned in stomach acids,...

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War on the Wards Centre of the Cell Whitechapel

Explore medical gore and more from the First World War. Investigate the history of wartime medicine and innovation and how this has influenced medicine today. Each session offers...

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