Female Group Training

North Tyneside

Shortcut 2 Bikini is a 12 week training program especially for women looking to lose fat, tone up and transform their body.

It's no 6 week ‘quick fix' weight loss training program – the slower the fat loss, the more sustainable the results will be.

We are here for you, and genuinely want to help make a change to your physiques and not rush the process to roll out the numbers. With a scientific approach to training and nutrition we aim to instil lifelong habits to achieve your desired goals:

• Creating training programmes for optimal fat loss, muscle growth or to suit your individual goals
• Personalised nutritional intervention (re-education, not cutting out all the foods you love!)
• Hormonal manipulation (we help you to understand how your hormones affect fat storage and muscle growth)
• Health and compositional analysis before, during and after (we're here every step of the way)

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