Creation Station Arty Party's


The Creation Station's award winning Arty Party's
Want something unique and memorable for your child's birthday, then choose an Arty Party!
To start, every child gets to decorate their own party bag. Then out comes the renowned 'Magical Ideas Box' from which comes the creative ideas the children will use to inspire their own imagination. It could be a Pirates Treasure Chest, or a Princesses Jewellery Box; all ready for the children to make their own unique creation.

We then return to the 'Box' to see what we can imagine next; a ball of clay to mould into a bowl full of feathers, or an animal created with buttons and matchsticks.

I'm sure you get the idea??

Next is the food (not provided), and then its back to the box for the last activity; crowns/tiaras/wands, key rings, bookbag tags, jewellery....whatever you wish.

Contact me for more information and details on how to book.

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