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Energy Cleaning


Energy Cleaning relies on reputation and word of mouth, which is why our goal every time we take on an appointment is complete satisfaction. For this reason, we employ only the best in the cleaning field. Our cleaners are professionals with years of experience and knowledge about stains, mould and lime scale. Apart from the quality of our man labour, we have also invested in industry leading cleaning materials and equipment. These not only deliver a certified shine to every surface, but are environmentally safe.

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  • chloemrgn

    03-Jun-2016 Report

    Their team was very thorough - I don't think our house has been this clean since we bought it four years ago. I was very happy with the work they did and will be asking them to come in on a regular basis.

  • AlexFaulkner

    15-Dec-2014 Report

    I have my residential home cleaned bi-weekly and the final results are wonderful. It is a pleasure to come home to a clean, freshly scented home. And the floors....they are gleaming. I highly recommend them.

  • nancyhsilverstone

    15-Apr-2014 Report

    I think the price is very reasonable for the level of service they offer, and I would recommend them to anyone. There's nothing better than coming home to a clean fresh smelling home.

  • viviankwdaine

    03-Apr-2014 Report

    The prices were very reasonable, the job done was great.

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