Waltham Forest Nappy Library


Waltham Forest Cloth Nappy Library was set up to help parents and parents-to-be navigate through the bewildering world of cloth nappies. We're not employed by or representatives of any nappy brand, we are just passionate about cloth nappies and want to help parents make the best decision based on their individual needs.

We offer individual demo sessions where we meet with you to look at and talk about all the different types of nappies and what might suit your baby. You will then be able to borrow some of our nappies to try if you wish. We have a wide range of trial kits available plus individual nappies if you want to try a nappy before buying. We do not sell nappies ourselves but can advise you on the places to buy, sell or swap. We also organise a monthly nappy and sling meet in Lloyd park for parents to meet other cloth nappying parents and chat nappies!

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