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A lovely music based session for under ones and their carers. A relaxed, fun, structured class with singing, dancing, let's pretend and beautiful percussion instruments.
Our music activities help your baby's development as well as supporting the bonding process and giving lots of ideas to use at home.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • theoddcouplemum

    16-Jan-2015 Report

    We are so lucky to have such an amazing resource in our area. My boys have now aged 2 & 3 have been attending Bongalongs since they were babies. It was the only class we ever played for by the term, We tried lots and they all seemed commercial - all plastic instruments with the usual songbook. Fiona's classes are a step above the rest. From the moment you arrive she makes the children feel welcome and special. Her small classes allow the children room to shine. The songs and instrument playing (real instruments - nothing plastic) are brilliant - some you know - some you learn. You learn about all sirts of different percussion instruments - who doesn't love an African Agogo? Some songs are sung, some acted out - with costumes or hats, some danced, some played along with. It not only packs a music punch it teaches your child about turn taking, patience, socialisation, how to handle instruments, improves listening skills and confidence. Children are invited out to the front of the class to 'play the lead', play the cymbals, say the words, hold the signs. Fiona is amazing celebrating each child's strengths, makes every adult feel comfortable and keeps a cool air of control over the session.It really is too fantastic to describe- I might need to borrow a child when mine are too big to go anymore as I will miss our weekly session

  • KickingKatie

    15-Jan-2015 Report

    We started doing Bongalong when my son was a few months old & we've continued ever since & he's nearly three! We had to go into the older group eventually, but I'm expecting another boy in a month's time & plan to continue with both of them.

    Initially, I was a bit dubious that a tiny baby would appreciate a music session, but my boy has thoroughly enjoyed himself, right from the start & I'm convinced that it has contributed to his love of music & singing & to his confidence with language.

    It's also really good fun; Fiona is the perfect teacher for young children; she has boundless energy & enthusiasm & is quite mad (in the best possible way!).

    I can't recommend Bongalong highly enough & look forward to introducing my new baby to the sessions very soon!

  • Phoebsterdog

    09-Jan-2015 Report

    I started attending Bongalong Under 1s when my son was just 3 months old. It is a lovely, supportive class, full of music and laughter and a great way to meet other local mums. Fiona's storytelling really engages the babies and her collection of percussion instruments is lots of fun. We still attend the older Bongalong class now (my son is now 20 months) and we love it!

  • JoboShacks

    09-Jan-2015 Report

    My son and I loved this class. We are too old for it now but continue Bongalong in the toddlers' class. We started when he was just 7 weeks old. He seemed to really enjoy it - especially when the baskets full of exotic musical instruments were put out each week. I loved the group because getting to know other mums was actively encouraged. It was a very supportive atmosphere, especially for very new mums. I have fond memories. I'm sure Bongalong is responsible for my son's love of music. He has quite a good sense of rhythm and timing, loves a singalong and asks to dance daily!

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