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The Red Carpet Ltd


Our The Red Carpet Ltd will leave you satisfied and very happy. Our SW11 Carpet Cleaners are highly qualified and are trained on a regular basis. This means that they know everything that they should know about carpets, different fibres and how they should be cleaned. It also means that they know exactly how to clean your carpets depending on these factors, and what products to use/to avoid. Our team of cleaners have been trained for years to be able to clean well like they do. They use only the best cleaning products on your carpet so you are guaranteed to have dirt free carpets once we have finished. For ten years, we have been supplying clients with carpets cleans and we never fail to impress our customers with our cleaning services. So call us now on 020 3397 8626, or visit our website www.theredcarpet.org.uk

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  • BeckyGriffin

    23-Aug-2016 Report

    Their cleaners arrived with a clear sense of what they were trying to achieve and got to work after the quick introduction. They worked non-stop for the duration of their time in my property and completed everything that was asked of them. It was a pleasure working with The Red Carpet Ltd..

  • KenthSmith

    10-May-2016 Report

    My illnesses make deep cleaning really hard for me, which meant that my house was really suffering when it came to keeping clean. I was a bit embarrassed about hiring a cleaning company, but The Red Carpet Ltd. were very understanding and sympathetic. With their help my home always looks its best, and I don't need to worry about friends coming around and judging my cleaning skills! I am always surprised with how good a job they do and I would be stuck without this wonderful service!

  • JeffryManson

    28-Sep-2015 Report

    I definitely felt that I got my money's worth when I hired a house cleaning service from Carpet Cleaners Cleaning. Due to the amount of work, I was sure that their cleaners wouldn't be able to complete the job in the allotted amount of time and I was preparing myself to having to book them for another session. But they worked quickly and methodically and actually completed everything on time. Their services offer fantastic value for money and are definitely worth trying!

  • AlfredPena

    16-Jun-2015 Report

    Wow! Carpet Cleaners Cleaning were great when they cleaned my rental property. The team of cleaners went in and spruced up the place ready for the next tenants. The work was done thoroughly and the cost was reasonable.

  • LillieRamsey

    16-Apr-2015 Report

    I'm so glad that I was able to call upon Carpet Cleaners Cleaning after my recent housewarming party. Their team of cleaners were absolutely brilliant in helping me clean up all the leftover mess and they gave my rooms a sparkling and utterly fantastic all-round finish. Thanks a bunch for all the help.

  • ScottWalters

    08-Apr-2015 Report

    I was really impressed with the carpet cleaning services of Carpet Cleaners Cleaning. I run my own legal business and the office carpets were getting really dirty by the continual daily foot traffic. So I hired the excellent cleaning services of this professional company.I will certainly use them again in future.

  • AnnNorris

    07-Apr-2015 Report

    I'm a hopeless cleaner; I won't try and pretend otherwise. I can wipe down the counters after I cook, but that's about as far as it goes with me. Thankfully, the cleaners at Carpet Cleaners Cleaning have a very different story. They really do a wonderful job at keeping my place tidy and I appreciate their services a lot. They have made my life much, much easier!

  • GarrettHale

    01-Apr-2015 Report

    Due to my physical incapabilities, cleaning those high spots and those hard to reach areas has always presented me with a tricky problem that as of now, I have yet to overcome. Instead of dwelling on the fact that I might just have to leave them and let those areas accumulate with dust and dirt, I decided to call Carpet Cleaners Cleaning to do all the hard work so I didn't have to. They were brilliant from the word go, and I will definitely be giving them a call again soon.

  • EleanorRay

    31-Mar-2015 Report

    I was after a cleaning company that simply did what they said that they would deliver, and do it quickly and to a high standard. That's precisely why I looked to Carpet Cleaners Cleaning to deliver me with their cleaning services. With their cleaners, there was no faffing around; as soon as their hard working team arrived, they got to work straight away, seeing to it that my house looked spick and span.

  • RooseveltMurphy

    27-Feb-2015 Report

    I had been searching for a cleaning company for quite some time but couldn't find one that did the job I wanted. My family and I live in a large house and, especially with another little one on the way, we couldn't keep up the all the cleaning to be done. After reading many positive reviews, we decided to try Carpet Cleaners Cleaning. I was absolutely delighted with their services and now use them on a weekly basis. Great job!

  • TanyaClark

    10-Feb-2015 Report

    Our biggest problem in our household is dog hair and the kids mess, especially as the youngest has recently discovered a love of painting! It seemed no amount of cleaning or sweeping up could ever remove the dirt and stains so I decided to hire Carpet Cleaners Cleaning. It was the best decision I could have made. You wouldn't believe that I have two children and a dog! There were no marks at all, they even got the paint out!

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