Plant Based Nutrition and Wellness Workshops


Plant One on Me - a six week plant based nutrition and wellness workshop helping you discover what it means to really be healthy, with nutritionist and wellness advocate, Laura Thomas PhD
So maybe you've tried a bunch of diets; you've given up gluten and tried a juice cleanse, you've gone Paleo and ditched refined sugar but you still don't feel healthy. Maybe you're stuck in a rut of counting calories and furiously logging everything you eat on MyFitnessPal until you're so hungry you go on a 3 day food bender. Maybe you just feel a bit meh and not the best version of yourself.

If you want to:

Find out what it really means to be healthy
Feel more energised - all day long - to do the things you really love
Look your best - brights eyes, clear skin, strong hair and nails
Change your relationship with food - no more eating your emotions!
Balance your weight out to its natural set point
Stabilize blood sugar levels - no more 3pm crashes at your desk
Power your workouts and shorten your recovery time
Be the best, most badass version of you...
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1-1 coaching and small group sessions are available - or 07585223684

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