Faircatch - Wandsworth's Fish Box scheme


Faircatch is a new way for our community in south-west London to buy the freshest, highest quality fish, while paying local fishermen a fair price and helping to protect our coastal cultural heritage and the marine environment. Faircatch is a “Community Supported Fishery” (CSF), an alternative model for local distribution of super fresh fish. Similar to veg box scheme, members can choose how much they'd like, pay upfront for a 4 or 8 week period and pick up their fish weekly or fortnightly from a local collection hub.
The fish we provide each week depends on what has been caught that day, sometimes there will be a choice from the box, sometimes we may have just a couple of species but you'll receive a wide variety over the course of the season. What we can promise is that your fish will be spanking fresh, seasonal, sustainable, local and delicious.

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