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Looking for a nanny share?

Clapham Junction

  • Lovely nanny to share (off St. John's Hill)

  • All ages

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  • Mac09

    21-Oct-2014 Report

    Hi SonaliF apologies for the late reply. If you're still interested, please contact me at nileshrie@yahoo.com

  • SonaliF

    23-Sep-2014 Report

    Hi Mac09, I'd definitely be interested in having a chat about a nanny share. We're just off Northcote Rd by Clapham Common and have an 8 month old daughter for whome I'm currently looking at daycare options. What's the easiest way of getting in touch?

  • Mac09

    01-Sep-2014 Report

    We have a wonderful caring nanny who has been with us for the last 5 years and we are now looking for a nanny share with another family who lives close by.

    Our daughter will be starting Year 1 at a nearby school and our nanny currently does the drop off and pick up during school term and looks after her during school holidays. Ideally, a nanny share would work with a family that has a younger child/children to look after during the day so that our nanny can continue to look after our daughter.

    Please get in touch if this nanny share is of interest to you.

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