Number 1 For Nappies

Borough wide

Did you know... One child may wear up to 5,000 nappies before potty training. Parents want the best for their children. This isn't just about mental and physical well being but also social well being. To achieve this we must pass on a healthy environment. One way of helping make sure that our children have a green future is by using modern cotton nappies, which can work out cheaper than disposables.

Our laundry service delivers a supply of fresh cotton nappies every week, at the same time collecting the soiled nappies, all for £9.50 per week. Our nappies are made of 100% cotton, they are folded in three and held in place with breathable, waterproof 'nappy wraps' which fasten quickly and easily using velcro. With no pins, what could be easier?

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