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Moving to a new home or office involves dozens of chores, tasks and challenges to be completed for it to be a success. You have to contend with planning, booking, scheduling, packing, storing, lifting and carrying, sorting, contacting and so much more. You shouldn't worry about this though and should instead focus on what a new address can do for you. It can grant you many opportunities, the chance to meet new people and try new things, as well as allow you to make your lifer simpler and it match your personality. To have a simple relocation all you have to do is contact WandsworthRemovals.com today by calling us on 020 8746 9655. We are an expert removal firm who can take care of every job necessary and do it to a high standard, putting safety and customer satisfaction at the forefront.

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  • NatNew

    07-Apr-2016 Report

    Wandsworth Removals removals service was absolutely superb in my new housing move. I am a disabled gentleman and so I am fairly limited in the ways in which I can help to move home. When it came to moving day my house was emptied in a flash and they were fantastic at helping my physically get around and outside to instruct. Super team!

  • NatashaMacy

    02-Jun-2015 Report

    I was helping my elderly mum move into our house, and used Wandsworth Removals. They had moved us before and I knew they would be supportive and do a good job. They were great. We had some of the belongings stored which meant two different addresses but this wasn't a problem. Everything got to the right place in good condition and no damage. The staff was courteous and couldn't do enough. The work was done really quickly and competently. I would suggest if you need to hire a company use these guys as they were great!

  • GeorgiaLawrence

    18-Mar-2015 Report

    Needed to come by and say thank you from me and the family for all of the recent help. We know that we have a lot of stuff and it must have appeared to be quite the challenge. However, it was one which Wandsworth Removals took on with relish and they managed to make sure that everything was both packed up and unpacked with absolutely no problems at all. This left us all very impressed and made the move a lot simpler for all of us involved. So because of that, we'd like to say thank you one more time.

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