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Putney is an affluent and popular area of London and it's no wonder that many businesses and families are seeking to move here. It also has a large student population, and there are many people looking to rent in the area. All such people can benefit from the removal services offered by PutneyRemovals.com – we can take care of any house or office move, and many individual aspects of moving, with the goal of taking the stress and hassle away from our customers and making life as easy as possible for you. For information about us, read on or call us on 020 8746 9619.

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  • JackBrownn

    29-Mar-2016 Report

    My girlfriend and I moved into our first house yesterday and it all went smoothly thanks to Putney Removals. We expected our move to be hectic, like everyone told us it would be but much to our delight; it couldn't have been further from it. Our house removals were really smooth and simple and completely stress-free. The team arrived on time, helped with the lifting and did all the loading and unloading. We couldn't believe how professional, hard working and efficient they were. Thanks to them, our move went perfectly. We couldn't have wished for a better move.

  • IdaCummings

    02-Jun-2015 Report

    We had retired and were spending time overseas in our villa for a year, so decided to rent out our home. We were placing most of the furniture and personnel belongings in to secure storage and need a reliable company to move us. A relative suggested we call Putney Removals and hire them. We did and they did a really good job. The workers were great. They were professional and hard working and got our contents packed up speedily and before we knew it the load was being stacked into our storage unit. At truly terrific service at an affordable rate!

  • IsaacSimmons

    18-Mar-2015 Report

    I think there's been a lot of debate recently about which company to hire when moving to a new house. With so many different removals companies out there, there's just so much choice. Of the ones which I've dealt with or witnessed first-hand, the one which has stood out was Putney Removals. They were the ones who helped during both my house move and when we needed some office removals at work. Both times they were really pleasant to deal with and really knew their stuff. Low prices, as well, which does make a difference. For me, the debate's settled.

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