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Hire Man and Van Ltd have been providing people all over the UK with high quality storage facilities and packing materials, as well as of course, reliable and efficient removal services. We specialise in helping our clients with their relocation and storage issues, without causing any inconvenience or unnecessary hard work to our clients. For more information please visit www.hiremanandvan.org or call us on 02087464361 and receive a free quote.

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  • fredblack

    12-Sep-2016 Report

    I generally don't like writing reviews but I thought it was only fair to write one for Hire Man And Van for their superb service. I called them for my office removal and they gave me a detailed description of the process. They executed the work as they promised and they handled everything with great care. The crew that was assigned to our job was very professional and packed everything so well that nothing was damaged. My employees and I are very impressed with their dedication and hard work. I am very happy that I chose them to help me.

  • joanbrooks

    12-May-2016 Report

    Hire Man And Van are a fantastic option if you want help with your office removals. This company knew exactly how to make my move smooth and simple, and I was back to work in my new office in no time at all. Worth every penny and would hire again!

  • MarcusRobinson

    27-Jan-2016 Report

    I was so pleased with Hire Man And Van when they helped move my son's belongings to his new college accommodation. The service was first class and a good price. All in all a great job was done with nor problems.

  • ScottMorrison

    23-Sep-2015 Report

    I was moving workplace and had a lot of equipment, furniture and stock to pack up and move. I hired some help from Hire Man And Van, with the packing as I didn't have the time. I was able to buy the packing materials too. The assistants were competent and did a super job. It was so fast I couldn't believe it. The whole experience was great and worth the money.

  • DiannaAustin

    26-Jun-2015 Report

    Hire Man And Van gave me the help that I needed for a successful move. Professional and friendly, this company worked exceptionally hard to get all of my heavy furniture, boxes and fragile goods all loaded up into the van in what to have been record time. I'm more than happy with this company, and just had to write this review to express my thanks!

  • HollyWhite

    28-Apr-2015 Report

    Thanks to the team of movers that delivered me with a very professional and speedy removal job and made my moving day pass by with a lot of ease. Everyone that I spoke to at Hire Man And Van was extremely helpful and did their best to accommodate all my removal day requirements. A brilliant removal service!

  • TyroneCollins

    30-Mar-2015 Report

    I had never had a home removal that went well, because something would always go wrong. I had lost things, been delayed and even hurt myself carrying some furniture. Wanting to avoid all that for my last move, I hired Hire Man And Van for help. Their expert team were able to assist me with every aspect of the move, so I didn't need to worry about a thing. The move went very well, much better than any I'd had before. The next time I move, I won't wait a second to call them for their help.

  • MarthaBurns

    26-Feb-2015 Report

    Getting moved into the new home was something which I had been worrying about for a long time, with so many different things which would be needing my attention and so many different things which could go wrong. That was when I decided to give Hire Man And Van a call, seeing as I had heard a lot of positive things about them. I can safely say that all of the praise is justified and I cannot remember a time which I have moved into a new home and it has ever been this easy. Everything was handled in a professional manner.

  • GinaRomero

    11-Feb-2015 Report

    In addition to having a lot of furniture and white goods to move I also had a very significant amount of boxes, some of which had some quite fragile items on them. I decided to do the packing myself although I must admit I was quoted a very good price for the packing service of this company. In any case the removal men were professional and carried everything expertly so nothing was damaged during the loading, unloading or transportation of my household contents to my new property in Gravesend. In fact, I think if there was one word I would use to describe Hire Man And Van, it is professional.

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