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Self Storage Battersea Ltd.


Place items in your storage room to keep them safe, get things out of the way, to put things before they are shipped and more. Our self storage prices are also accommodating because of the free quotes we offer. We are experienced and professional company based in SW8 district, so you will get the best mobile self storage services when you contact us today. Treat yourself to the highest possible standard of storage services across Battersea, SW11. Do not hesitate to contact Self Storage Battersea Ltd. on 020 3744 3852 as offer ends soon. For more information go to www.selfstoragebattersea.org.uk

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  • timball

    31-Aug-2016 Report

    The storage unit I got from Self Storage Battersea Ltd. was exactly what I needed. I was adamant that I would get a secure container that would be large enough to put all my things in and this is what I got. The unit hasn't let me down yet and has been every useful.

  • VioletLowe

    14-Aug-2015 Report

    The service I got from Self Storage Battersea Ltd. was very good indeed. All I needed to do was give them a call and they arranged everything for me. I had a number of breakable items that I wanted to store safely and they did a great job of making sure they were safe. Overall, I was very pleased with their prices and their service.

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