2nd baby preparation classes

Borough wide

Classes for 2nd time mums-to-be,grouped by age gap so you can meet others similar to yourself.In the class we cover things to do before you give birth, a reminder of looking after a newborn including feeding and newborn sleep, and ways of looking after 2 so that you have a chance to think about how feeding, bedtimes, bath time will work.
As the class is grouped by age gap, there's a chance to cover areas specific to your older child e.g. moving to a bed, dropping the lunchtime sleep, potty training..
The dates of classes coming up in the next couple of months are
4th June 1-2yr gap, 11th June 2-3yr gap, 18th June 3yr+ gap
9th July 1-2yr, 16th July 2-3 yr,19th Aug 1-2 yr, 26th Aug 2-3 yr,3rd Sept 3yr+,10th Sept 1-2yr,15th Sept 2-3yr

Email info@thebabycarecompany.co.uk to find out more or to see which class works best for your age gap/due date.

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