Borough wide

I am launching a new organic fruit & veg box scheme in the local area called Nourish Organic.

I was inspired to start Nourish Organic because I used to work with a similar company (mentioning no names) and was upset by the amount of wasted food.

The food was wasted because these other companies don't let customers choose what they get. So when a customer opens their box to find a vaguely-known vegetable like Kohlrabi inside, the Kohlrabi would travel from the box - rot in the fridge for a few days - and then into the bin!

With Nourish you ALWAYS pick what goes into your box. I am slowly developing a strong network of local growers who are supplying me with lovely, fresh organic delights. I release a new list every week so all you have to do is see what's available and then let me know what you want. Simple!

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