Antenatal Exercise

Warrington Wide

A 4-week educational exercise programme designed specifically for pregnancy and the challenges it brings. The programme focuses on understanding the changes your body goes through, the importance of posture, safe and effective exercises in pregnancy and abdominal and pelvic floor muscle exercises. You also learn how to physically prepare yourself for labour and learn the invaluable skill of relaxation.
Each antenatal session lasts for 1 hour. Each session covers a short topic of discussion including the pelvic floor, safe exercise during pregnancy and physical preparation for labour, followed by gym ball and mat based exercises. You are also taught effective stretches to reduce joint and muscle stiffness. The exercises are designed specifically to support your changing body, with a special focus on your spine, abdomen and pelvic floor. Aiming to make you feel better, reduce back and pelvic pain during pregnancy and aid a quicker recovery after the birth of your baby. We will supply you exercises cards and information booklet so you can continue your exercises at home or at the gym and an optional gym ball.

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