BOYS’ TOYS PARTIES – Exciting indoor events!


LOOKING FOR PARTY ENTERTAINMENT IDEAS WITH A DIFFERENCE?<br />Our events comprise Nerf Gun Wars and Radio Controlled Monster Truck Racing (a.k.a. RC cars or Remote Controlled cars).<br /><br />RC MONSTER TRUCK RACING EVENTS:<br />Your guests experience the thrill of racing our radio controlled (RC) mini monster trucks around a track that we bring to your indoor venue.<br /><br />NERF GUN WARS EVENTS:<br />First we set up a battle zone featuring bases, flags, barricades and for younger players, crawl tunnels. Players are then equipped with safety glasses, tag vests and Nerf blasters. A variety of individual and team games follow in which players attempt to tag opponents or targets with Velcro tipped darts fired from their blasters!<br /><br />VISIT OUR WEBSITE FOR MORE DETAILS!<br /><br />

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