Mad Science West Midlands


We are on a mission to make science fun and exciting for young children, by way of interactive and stimulating demonstrations. Our parties all operate on a 'we come to you' basis, which is circa 70% home, and 30% halls or restaurants (most terraced houses are big enough for us to entertain the children) and our parties are very house friendly and leave no mess. Although our standard pricing is based on twenty children you can have as many as you like but have to pay a little bit more.
Each birthday party has an overarching scientific theme, for example, ‘Sub Zero Explosions' where most of the experiments are related to Exploding Experiments and Dry Ice.
Each party will finish with a hands-on experiment where the children make their own polymers, either slime, bouncing ball comets, gunge or putty which they get to take home.

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