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Newdigate Little Nursery


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Newdigate Little Nursery is a brand new nursery, OFSTED registered in October 2014, open as part of Newdigate Primary School.
Little Nursery is run by qualified, motivated, experienced staff, whose aim it is to provide the best possible quality childcare for your child.
We offer places for children from their second birthday, with free places available for children in receipt of 2 year funding.
We have 2 large rooms, as well as a lovely outdoor area with a playhouse and large fixed climbing and balancing equipment. The rooms are set out in different areas with open ended play materials, as well as a large range of brand new toys.
Children learn through play, and our staff skilfully support the children to develop through their own interests.
To find out if you qualify for free nursery places, or to come and have a look around, please pop in or give us a call on 07934208227.

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  • Loganleytonchase

    01-May-2015 Report

    Chase has been coming to newdigate little nursery since January and has come along so far,his speak is fantastic and learning very quickly,all of the staff there are amazing and very helpfull, would recomend this nursery to anybody :)

  • gemnut83

    09-Dec-2014 Report

    My 2 year old currently attends this nursery and loves it. He has learnt so much already and has had access to some wonderful activities and experiences. The staff are all lovely and helpful and I have no hesitation in recommending this nursery to everyone.

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